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Suicide Blog for Those in Need

This website and blog is dedicated to helping other people see that there is an alternative to suicide. People have thoughts of suicide for a variety of reasons. Some may be related to a type of pain, trauma, financial, failure, culture, and any other reason. Hopelessness is a dangerous feeling that can drive people to do things that have serious consequences.

There is a true hope you can find that won't let you down. There are always ways out of your situation. Take the time to search for this hope before taking any action. 

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Do you have a story you want to tell?

We understand that every story is different and unique. Each person has a story to tell that can impact someone else's life. This story can impact them with a positive or negative impact. There is way too much negativity and immoral things going on in the world and that causes us all to lose a little hope in humanity. If you have a story that brings hope, we want to hear about it.

We want to give back to this world to help those that are struggling. We want to share your story so we can help someone else that struggled just like you or your loved one. Please go to our Contact Us page and let us know if you would like to write an article about suicide or if you have a personal testimony of how you were able to overcome suicidal thoughts and actions.


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