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Suicidal Rock Star

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Many of people dream to become a rock star. They are enticed by the fame and the fortune, but is it all that it seems? It wasn't for Richard. He had it all, but decided he didn't want it anymore and tried to end his life.

Richard's parents divorced at an early age. To cope with the pain he started smoking, drinking, and doing drugs, all at the age of 10. Around the same time he got a guitar. Once he started playing he knew that he wanted to be a heavy metal guitarist.

Fast forward to Richards senior year in high school, he landed a gig with the popular heavy metal band called Operator. He jumped right into the rock star lifestyle and began partying and filling the voids in his life with drinking, drugs, and girls.

He went on to join the band Rev Theory, but was growing tired of the lifestyle. He started to hate everyone in the lifestyle including himself.

He found himself in the reality of his worldly dreams, but still wanted to die.

On two different occasions Richard tried overdosing on pills.

Watch the video to see what happened.

See Richards full story at CBN's the 700 club website.

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