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Why am I bad at Everything

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Whay am I a bad person
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What is the deal! Why am I bad at everything? This is the age-old question people have been asking themselves. It seems like you fail at everything and everyone else is always better than you. The answer to this lies within your unconscious mind. Keep reading to find out...

Why am I bad at everything?

The primary reason people are bad at everything they do is their mindset. They aren't bad at everything, they are most likely below average at a few things and have began to focus on all of their negative attributes and traits. This causes the person to think more and more negative about themselves and their performance.

I live by a certain way of thinking that brings respect to others and myself. I believe that everyone in the world is better than me with at least one thing and I am better than them with at least one thing. It could be in knowledge, wisdom, or an activity.

This way of thinking allows me to walk by people all day long without judging them. Even children are better than me in different areas, therefore I should respect and listen to them. The same goes for you. I have accomplished a lot in my life, but I guarantee that you are better than me in at LEAST one area.

There are a lot of things to learn in the world. It's insane to think you can be good at all of it. You are a normal person that are good at many things, even if they aren't what the general population gets their standards from. Not everyone can be the same. Who would want to live in a world where we are?

Here are some tips to help you improve:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Compare yourself to how you used to be. We can't grow or get better if we don't try. When we practice something we usually get better. Even if it's in small increments. When you do get better, you should celebrate it.

One of the problems with the age we live in is we see the best of the best all the time. We see it on the news, social media, and from our friends, and family. We all know that person or family on social media or in the lime light that's "perfect"! They always take good photos, they have wealth, success, freedom, happiness, etc. It looks like that have it all together all the time.

This makes us think that they are the standard. They are what we have to be like and if we're not, then we're failures. You may not consciously believe this, but after seeing it over and over again it can become an unconscious belief that becomes ingrained in you. These types of beliefs can cause those negative thoughts to float around your head. After a while these turn into conscious beliefs like "I am bad at everything." Which is where you might be now.

2. Stop Telling Yourself You're Bad

What happens when you do something over and over? You get better and better. When you constantly think that you are bad at everything your belief gets stored in your unconscious mind. This can lead to many negative side effects. Depending on your personality it could be a slightly good thing or a bad thing.

I say slightly good because some people get more determined when they face opposition. It acts like a fuel that motivates them to try really hard until they do get good at it. This can't work for everything though. It also doesn't work when you are feeling emotionally low. It can drive you into an even lower state.

Overall it's not the best idea to criticize yourself all the time. Your unconscious mind is what drives you everyday. Your unconscious mind is like a computer program that tells your body what to do after you have developed a habit like walking. You don't have to think about taking a step, you just do it. I won't get into here, but your unconscious mind is actively listening when you tell yourself that you are bad at everything. Learn more at our I Suck or I'm an Idiot articles.

3. Start Comparing Yourself to Yourself

I used to dedicate much of my life to fitness. One of the ways to see if you have improved is to test yourself. I used to be able to lift X amount of weight and now I can lift more. This means I have improved. The same with running. If I could run X amount, but can now run XX, then I have improved.

I compared myself to where I was before. It wouldn't be helpful if I compared myself to someone else that had been lifting or running longer than me. It also wouldn't be helpful if I compared myself to a beginner either. The only way to improve is to compare yourself against yourself. Anything else will just hurt you. Mentally and physically, depending on what you are comparing.

4. Start Telling Yourself You're Good

Let's pretend you are at work or school. How would you feel if your boss or teacher kept telling you that you were bad at everything you did? You would probably be pretty mad at first and then after a while start to feel really bad about yourself.

It does the same if not worse when you tell yourself these things. Think about some times in your life when people noticed you and told you how good you were. It made you feel pretty good right? It might have even gave you some confidence and improved your performance even more.

This is what you need to do with yourself. Give yourself some encouragement. It will boost your moral and can actually improve your performance.

More Tips to Improve Yourself

  1. Think about or list your accomplishments

  2. Identify some positive and unique skills or attributes about yourself

  3. Learn something new

  4. Understand that EVERYONE fails and that it's part of the process

  5. Find what you are good at and improve yourself in those areas

  6. Think thoughts that are good

  7. Ignore negative and unproductive thoughts

  8. Take time off from social media and other sources that highlight "perfect" people

  9. Read or watch motivational stories

  10. Pray and learn who you are and who you are meant to be

Do you know of any other tips that might help you stop thinking you are bad at everything? Leave it in the comments so other people can learn from you!

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