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I'm an Idiot (why you should change)

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Im an idiot
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What does the phrase I'm an Idiot mean?

I'm an Idiot is a phrase people use to describe their inadequacy or shortcoming of something regarding their intelligence.

It is also used interchangeably with I'm dumb or I'm not very good at this.

I am an idiot is another common phrase people use as an outlet for their frustration or embarrassment of not being capable of something. Similar to "I suck" or "I'd rather die", these phrases seem harmless, but over time they actually can harm you. Harm to your success and even to your mental health.

When you repeat something over and over you actually start to believe it. Beliefs can affect you consciously and unconsciously. If you believe in God, you might do things that relate to what the Bible says. If you have a belief that exercise is needed to stay healthy, you probably do exercise activities. These are how conscious beliefs can affect you. You willingly and consciously believe in these things so you are proactive about them.

An example of an unconscious belief is someone that believes they are a failure. They give up much easier than people without this belief because their unconscious mind is telling them they won't make it. They might not even consciously believe this, but as a child, they failed so many times that they came to the conclusion that they are a failure. It started as a conscious belief and the more times they thought or felt it, it became solidified into their unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind is like a computer that runs in the background. Take talking for example. You don't have to think about how to say words, you just know. How did that happen? It took a lot of work from you, your parents, and your loved ones. You practiced over and over until you didn't have to think about it anymore. This eventually got stored in your unconscious mind. Now you are able to walk, talk, and do other things at the exact same time.

Your brain still has to work to figure out what to say and how to say it, but your conscious brain no longer needs to be part of it. I'm sure you can guess, but the unconscious part of our brain is very powerful and is very hard to unlearn the things stored within it. It would take an awful lot to unlearn how to walk or talk. The same goes for these beliefs you make about yourself or others.

I say all of this because our unconscious mind is listening and learning when we think phrases like "I'm an idiot" or "I'm dumb." Once our mind learns this we aren't as confident as we once were. These thoughts and feelings can make us feel extra depressed, anxious, and even suicidal. If you are feeling suicidal please visit our I Want to Kill Myself page. I give my testimony of how I found hope and overcame the issues I faced.

Our success depends on how much we believe in ourselves. If you think you can be the president of your country, do you think you would have the belief that you are an idiot or a failure? Probably not. You probably hold the belief that you can do anything. You may not be trying to become the president, but what about just trying to live when you are dealing with pain or hopelessness?

Does your mind tell you that you have a lot to live for and that you can get out of your struggling situation? If your mind has been telling you negative things, then you probably have some unhealthy unconscious beliefs. Don't worry, you can fight them.

One way to change these beliefs is to try and remember when they were formed. Most likely as a child, then they were solidified over time. Just remember when you first felt like you were dumb or an idiot, then tell yourself some alternative truths. For example, if your parents were always asking "what's wrong with you" or "why can't you understand this," then it was probably sometime around that memory.

You can tell yourself that I wasn't dumb, I was just a kid. You can also tell yourself that they weren't the best at explaining things. Or you say that you may not be the best in that subject but you aren't dumb. I just needed to work a little harder to get it.

Once you change the belief you formed, you can start calling yourself smart and capable. Don't let those thoughts that you are dumb or not smart win. Ignore them and replace them with another truth. Over time your unconscious belief will change and your brain will be rewired to believe your alternative truths.

Please remember this article when you want to call yourself an idiot or any other negative name. Think of it the way you think of your physical health. We watch what we eat so we don't have issues in the future. We also have to watch what we say so we don't have issues in the future with our success or mental health.

Are you guilty of calling yourself names? If so do you say positive things to yourself as well? Let us know about it in the comments section.

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