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Thank You For Your Donation

All donations will be used to reach and help more people at risk for suicide.

Suicide Talks is a website dedicated to helping people at risk for suicide. The idea behind the name is that suicide does talk. 

On any given day there are about 130 people that kill themselves in the U.S. This is a very sad thing to think about. This is nothing in compared to the number of suicides around the world.


Every 40 seconds there is a person taking their own life. That's 91 people per hour and 2,191 people per day. At 800,000 people per year, that is close to the population of San Francisco!

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death all around the world and we want to do something about it! We always hear about cancer, gun violence, and heart disease, but not enough about suicide.

Of course there are plenty of platforms that are dedicated to helping people at risk for suicide, but from what we have seen, there are too many people doing the act and not enough organizations doing something about it. We saw the gap and wanted to help.

I personally am a suicide survivor. I also have close friends that have killed themselves. I know the pain of both sides. This fuels me to help others before it's too late! 

Our goal is to give people true hope that lasts, which is Jesus. We have many testimonies of lives being changed by the power of the gospel. People without hope, suicidal, and many others. We know the power of the gospel, so we want to share it with everyone that we can. Especially those that are struggling with suicide. 

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